The FA have confirmed that the FA Cup 5th round between United/Cambridge and Preston/Sheffield United will be played on Monday February 16th.

Of course, you don’t want to count your chickens, particularly after the dire football we played in the 0-0 at Cambridge, but you would presume that it’ll be United playing in that game.

When the FA decided that United’s game against Cambridge should be the 7.55pm game on Friday night, they ignored the fact that the last train back to Manchester left not long after kick-off.

There was the option of getting a train from Cambridge to London, then up to Manchester. They had less than half an hour after the final whistle to get to the station and then, after changes, wouldn’t get back to Manchester until 4.43am.

You might think that the FA would give United a round off ridiculous fixture scheduling, but apparently not. No weekend kick-off for United, but possibly a Monday night trip to Sheffield and back.