The FA have offered up yet another poor response to a simple question. Why was Gary Neville charged with improper conduct and fined after celebrating in front of Liverpool fans when Mario Balotelli wasn’t even given a warning about his future conduct?

Dear Scott,

Thank you for contacting the Football Association.

All camera footage showed the player not to have committed any offence under which we would charge, and the same goes for all of the players who became involved in the coming together afterwards.

In the case of Gary Neville he specifically made his way to a section of away support, which wasn’t the case in this instance. We should add that the Metropolitan Police were present on the day and no complaints were registered by them to us.

So, Mario Balotelli didn’t specifically make his way to the section of Manchester United fans? Erm, in fact, that’s exactly what he did. The final whistle blew and he walked over to the half of the ground where United fans were sat and wafted his shirt around, stuck his arms out and generally behaved in an inciting manner. He was trying to wind the fans up.

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