Following Manchester United’s 3-2 win against Newcastle last month, the FA charged Jose Mourinho with using “abusive, insulting or improper language” after he was caught on camera muttering something in Portuguese. They employed a lip reader to reveal that he allegedly said “fuck off sons of bitches”. Mourinho brought in his own witnesses that claimed he said, in Portuguese, “fuck off you arseholes.”

Mourinho became the first person charged by the FA for swearing in a language that wasn’t English but an independent panel found the charge not proven. The manager later claimed he was innocent of the charge and that he had asked the club to appeal.

You know, the reason why I ask the club and lawyers to appeal was because I was 100 per cent (sure) that I was not guilty of these charges. But you never know how it ends. Yes, I’m pleased but I know that I have to respect the process and I have to for what is going to happen next. But I only appeal if I feel that I am not guilty. I don’t appeal to lose my time or to make other people lose their time.

It has been confirmed today that the FA are set to appeal the decision though, certain that Mourinho is guilty, and looking to hand out yet another touchline ban. This comes after them previously charging him for kicking a bottle of water against West Ham and stepping an inch on to the pitch when United were on the counter-attack against Southampton.

Having carefully considered the written reasons of the Independent Regulatory Commission relating to the case involving Jose Mourinho, the FA can confirm it is appealing the decision.