The FA have today confirmed that they will not be taking any action on Jose Bosingwa for kicking Yossi Benayoun in the back.

They will certainly rescind Frank Lampard’s red card for his high challenge on Xavi Alonso, with Mike Riley cocking up in a spectacular and unsurprising fashion, meaning the blues are off the hook once again.

Whilst we’ll never know what the result had been had Lampard stayed on the field, maybe they would have been awarded another dodgy penalty at Anfield, you’d be hard pushed to suggest that Chelsea deserved anything based on their first hour of play. Not that Liverpool were much better, but they could string a couple of passes together and they did at least look like they might score. Whilst that doesn’t make it right that Lampard got sent off, they are only one point, at best, off what they could have been, with all their players suspension free for their next match.

Chelsea have already been lucky with decisions this season, given that John Terry saw his rugby tackle on City’s Jo go entirely unpunished, with them viewing the tape after the game and deciding a rugby tackle in football isn’t counted as “serious foul play”.

Then there was the FA report that saw Patrice Evra fined and banned for a massive four matches, despite the report admitting that there was no CCTV footage of the alleged punch they were punishing him for. There was CCTV footage of Chelsea’s groundstaff swinging for and missing Evra though, according to their report, so how they could make their decision to ban Evra for something they had no proof of is beyond me.

The DVD evidence does not itself show whether or not Evra actually struck Bethell. Evra denies it but we accept Bethell’s evidence that he was struck on or near his right ear and it was clearly Evra who struck him. We note that Evra is right-handed but do not see that as a reason to reject that conclusion.

Then against Liverpool, the eyes of the World saw Bosingwa raise his leg and plant his studs in Benayoun’s back, kicking him off the pitch.

“I apologise for what I did and it was never my intention to hurt him,” said Bosingwa afterwards. “I know it was wrong and I apologise.”

You bloody kicked him in the back, you mug. How can you claim you weren’t trying to hurt him?

Ashley Cole, who lost the ball then assisted Liverpool’s second goal, reckons everyone is against them.

“All the players watched what happened with Shaun Wright-Phillips and no one gets booked or questioned about it,” said Cole, referring to Wright-Phillips’ kick at Rory Delap at the weekend. “We do one little tackle and we seem to be getting yellow and red cards.”

Now the same can be said of Bosingwa. Everyone saw it but nothing is being done about it. Happy?

It appears as though the madness of Rafa’s new bff, Scolari, is rubbing on the Chelsea players. Leading up to the game, Scolari suggested that teams travelling to Stamford Bridge commit up to 60 fouls before they are booked, whilst his players pick up all the bookings. However, Chelsea commit, on average, 10.92 fouls before a yellow card is shown, whilst the visitors are booked, on average, every 7.46 fouls. FACT.

When you consider Ronaldo has been sent off this season for not burying his free header in to the back of City’s net because he thought he heard a whistle, I don’t really have much time for the likes of Ashley Cole whining about Chelsea being hard done by, considering the shit they’ve already got away with this season!