Dear Scott,

Thank you for contacting the Football Association.

The FA takes a dim view of any foul and abusive language used at football matches. The clear distinction to be made in the Wayne Rooney case is that the language used was directed specifically at a television camera lens, whilst clearly audible to the viewing public. We will always take a view on every incident reported to us by match officials, who also have the ability to apply Law 12 in relation to insulting and abusive language or gestures.

The FA values the opinions of football supporters and we thank you for getting in touch with us to share your views.

Best wishes,

Dear John,

Can you refer me to the part of the Law which states anything about a television camera lens?

Over the weekend, there were 10 different players guilty of using “abusive language” in the Premier League. Not a single one of them was booked, let alone sent off, as the FA claim they should be and as Lee Mason claimed he would have done had he heard the swearing.

Like with Rooney, will the FA be using video evidence to ban these ten players for two games? If not, are there any repercussions for the referees that failed to send off the players who were “using absuive language” over the weekend?


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