Despite the massive flaws in the FA’s report handling Patrice Evra’s case, they have today insisted that there is no anti-United bias.

The CCTV footage did not show Evra punch Chelsea groundsman, Sam Bethell, yet the FA still made the decision to ban him for four matches, based on the words of Bethell, who did swing for Evra (although missed).

Today, Lord Triesman, the FA’s independent chairman, insists this is nothing to do with bias against United.

“I think United are upset, without any question,” Triesman said. “They didn’t like the outcome and they are not mad about the process. They have said that they didn’t have notice of it coming out that way and I think they should have had notice of that, actually. But there have been other cases reported on the website and I have been saying for a while that everybody is entitled to know the reasons for a decision. Obviously the higher profile the club, the more difficult a relationship can be, but I would want to avoid that. I have got absolutely no sense from anybody inside Soho Square that anybody has got it in for Manchester United.”