Fabio Da Silva has talked about life at Manchester United and how manager Sir Alex Ferguson couldn’t tell the difference between the Da Silva twins.

He used to get us mixed up, but everyone did. We were there six years but still some of the staff couldn’t tell us apart. Sir Alex came in half time once and started given me a row but it was meant for my brother. Sir Alex would say: ‘Don’t sit together you two, move apart, you’re killing me!’.

Fabio said it was difficult for him to leave Rafael when he joined Cardiff, but acknowledged there were also difficulties about playing alongside his brother too.

There came a point I had to make a decision: do I want to follow my career or follow my brother I had to choose so I chose coming to Cardiff. It was great playing with him but sometimes it made it harder. If he made a mistake in a game I felt it. I could be full of confidence, playing well, but if he did something wrong it would affect me, I wouldn’t feel right, I’d share his disappointment.