Fábio on…

Rafael: “At home he only wants to mess around… he’s like a 10-year-old!”

Vidic: “He’s a raging bull! His behaviour changes… sometimes he’s smiling, other times he’s anxious and wants to hit you!”

Chicharito: “Everyone likes him… you know Mexicans, they’re always happy!”

Berbatov: “He’s also really quiet… you only hear his voice when he celebrates a goal!”

Park: “Whatever happens, he’s always there with a huge smile on his face!”

Evra: “He’s one of those guys who always wants to be perfect!”

Valencia: “He likes to mess around… takes the mickey out of everyone, but then pretends he’s all quiet!”

Nani: “Always joking, always laughing… he sometimes gets on people’s nerves!”

Giggs: “Everyone thinks of him as the old man of the team, because he helps the young guys a lot.”

Scholes: “A very English type of person… cold. He watches everything!”

Fletcher: “He loves UFC… watches it all day, records it, shows it to everyone. He knows all the Brazilian fighters!”

O’Shea: “He’s like a chess player… very intelligent, patient, always studies his opponent. He could be a manager…”

Anderson: “He’s so relaxed, he doesn’t care about anything! He doesn’t even sort his hair out properly!”

Owen: “He really likes horses… spends all day betting and talking about races!”

Bébé: “Everyone mocks him in the locker room for being a rookie, but he’s a good guy.”

Rio: “Scooby-Doo. Simple as that.”

Fábio on Rooney; “Shrek…”

Thanks to Jack Lang for translation of interview with Globo.