Fabio Da Silva has revealed that he wasn’t sold against his will by David Moyes, but that he made the decision to leave Manchester United after getting such limited playing time.

I had a chance to stay at United but I wasn’t going to play so what was the point of staying there just to keep with my brother but not play football? It was tough but I needed to do it.

It was difficult to begin with. I came when the club was in the Premier League but I felt we had a great chance to stay up. It didn’t happen but I was never going to feel sorry for myself, I had to work hard and do everything I can to get back into the Premier League with the club.

I want to get Cardiff in the Premier League for them. They have shown they like me and I think I have to respond by helping to club promotion. That is my ambition. I have medals from the Premier League, I have played in the Champions League final, but I was not playing regularly. If we can do this maybe it will be my biggest achievement.