Fabio Da Silva left Manchester United in January 2014 for Cardiff, much to the disappointment of the supporters. Two and a half years earlier, Fabio had been chosen in United’s starting team in the Champions League final against Barcelona and there had been the hope he would still be able to prove himself.

However, David Moyes believed enough was enough, following regular injuries for Fabio, and sold him. Fabio has reflected on what it was like leaving his brother, Rafael, who he had played alongside throughout his entire career.

It was very difficult, a very tough point in my career. I had been at Manchester United but I had been in and out, never really consistently playing games; I could never play five or six games in a row and I don’t think I ever got my confidence really going like I do now.

But it was leaving my brother that was the toughest because I had lived with him all my life. We joined Fluminense when we were 11 and had to move from home and into a house for players. We were the youngest there, we had to protect each other and look out for each other and it made the relationship stronger even for twins.

When we moved to United we were in a big house together and we stayed there. We did not spend much time apart at all, we always stuck together and we did everything together – everyone at United would laugh at us but they understood.