Welcome to Manchester United, Radamel. How do you feel?

Thank you very much. I am very happy to be part of this big club. I’ve waited for this moment during a lot of the year. Now I am a player of Manchester United.

You must be very excited after a long day of travelling and arranging the transfer?

Yes, it was a very long day. It was hard, difficult. We were waiting until the last minute but I didn’t lose my faith. Now I want to say thank you to God for this. I’m very happy.

Are you excited to work with Louis van Gaal?

Yes, I am very excited for that. Van Gaal is a very good trainer with a lot of experience. I want to do the best for the team, for him and for the supporters.

Now you are here in the Premier League. What do you think of English football?

For me, it was a dream to play in the Premier League. I always wanted to be here because this league is very good, it has very good teams and Manchester United is the best team in England. Everything is perfect for me.

There are plenty of Spanish speakers here who can help you settle in…

Yes, I hope they can. I need them to train my English. I think they will help me in a lot of things to feel comfortable in the club.

What do you think of the squad here at Manchester United?

We have very top players. I admire them. I want to meet them for the first time. I am sure that this season will be great for us.

Do you have a message for the fans?

Yes, I want to say thank you because I have read a lot of messages from them. And I hope I can give them a lot of happiness, goals and titles.

The full interview is on MUTV.