In a week where Arsenal have announced that their cheapest season ticket will set you back 925, as well as a footballer earning 125,000 being dubbed ‘a slave’, it is no wonder football fans are feeling fed up.

The money in the game is getting out of control, as are the egos of the players we cheer on every week and now is the time to voice our displeasure.

The United Reserves started their pre-season against the Blue Square Conference North side, Burscough, under the guidance of new manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Here is a player who spent 11 years at our club, not always in a starting role, but did so without complaining or making a fuss.

It is therefore fitting that an anti-Ronaldo protest was seen at loyal Solskjaer’s 3-1 victory with the Reserve side.

Following Sepp Blatter’s ridiculous comments about Ronaldo, likening his situation to that of a slave, and Ronaldo’s agreement with the statement, many United fans have lost all patience with the player. We have been biding our time, waiting for official news, waiting for our manager to have a word and let us know what was going on, but now it appears as if many reds aren’t concerned where Ronaldo plays next season, as long as it is Old Trafford.

“The fans are the slaves not the players,” said a disgruntled fan at the match. “I started work at four this morning and come straight here to watch the Reds. I’ve not finished paying for my trip to Moscow yet and I will have to work Saturday and Sunday until September. It takes me seven years to earn what Ronaldo gets in a week and although he is a great player it is time for him to go, and go soon.”

There’s only so much we can take and it appears as though the breaking point has been reached, leaving Ronaldo’s position at the club unattainable.