Manchester City have now gone 33 years without winning a trophy. 33 years.

It’s no surprise that when they reached the quarter-finals of a competition that they were going to get a bit giddy. “Are you going to Hamburg?” one of the City fans in the local asked. “No, but I’m going to Istanbul,” his mate replied. True story.

So along came their Istanbul song, which we thoroughly enjoyed remixing today. “Istanbul, Istanbul, you’re not coming! Istanbul, Istanbul, you lied. Istanbul, Istanbul, you’re not coming. You’re not coming cos you’re fucking shite!”

With the game pretty much wrapped up, the Stretford End started singing “top of the league, and that’s a fact!”. The three points put us top of the table and that is the only fact United need to concern themselves with, after Rafael Benitez’s rant.

This chant took a new turn though.

“City are shit, and that’s a fact, City are shit, and that’s a fact!”

This chant got louder and louder, with more and more fans joining in, travelling from stand to stand. Definitely my favourite spontaneous chant!

Sadly, Mark Hughes didn’t want to join in with the fun and games though, and refused to give us a wave. Boooo.