At half-time and full-time yesterday, beer gardens were packed full of shirtless Mancunians, sipping beer and talking football. It felt like the first day of summer, with us not only getting a rare sight of sunshine, but temperature to match.

So, why on earth was Roberto Mancini wearing that scarf?

The must have item of clothing for City fans looked totally bizarre as the sun shone in Manchester yesterday.

If Mancini paid as much attention to tactics as he does fashion, maybe City wouldn’t keep losing to United in injury time and maybe they would still have that Champions League spot.

Mancini is their leader,
Tevez is their god,
Vieira is a has-been
And Bellamy’s a knob.
They were on the march to Europe,
Like back in ’69,
But up jumped Scholesy from a cross
And scored in Fergie time.