In the last minute of Manchester United’s 2-0 defeat against Liverpool, Marouane Fellaini was spotted elbowing Emre Can.

In the second leg at Old Trafford, Fellaini was booked for catching defender Dejan Lovren in the head with a swinging arm. To be fair to Fellaini on this occasion, Loveren had one arm around Fellaini’s front, and the other dragging Fellaini back by his shirt. The Belgian was being fouled and nothing was done about that, and the arm swing came when Fellaini was trying to get away from Lovren.

Regardless, Howard Webb called him a “thug” for the incident, but Fellaini has responded: “I am not like that. I don’t want to elbow someone, I just defend myself. I am physical. I like to win my challenge. That’s English football as well, but I am not a dirty player.”