At the end of Manchester United’s 2-0 defeat against Liverpool at Anfield, Marouane Fellaini elbowed Emre Can. UEFA reviewed the situation but didn’t give him a ban.

In the next game he was banned for elbowing Firmino, although replays showed the Brazilian was clearly fouling Fellaini, grabbing at his shirt, before our player even jumped for the ball.

Fellaini has discussed his growing reputation of being a thug, and denies that’s the case.

The last few games, they talk about elbows but I don’t do it purpose. I look at the ball, not my opponent. I don’t want to elbow someone, there is no point. I just protect myself. Sometimes I have two or three players around me, grabbing me.

I jumped against Liverpool with Firmino and he said I give him an elbow. Why would I give an elbow to him? I know I will win the ball because of my size. Against Andy Carroll it would be more difficult, but I don’t need to elbow Firmino.

There seems to be a fixation on me now. Why should I change my game if I don’t even get a yellow card? I go home and I say to my brother or someone ‘why didn’t he book me then?’ Because they know and people don’t talk about players grabbing me or trying to stop me. Why? I get lots of fouls on me, but it is no foul because I am physical. Because I don’t go down, that is the problem as well. But I will keep playing my game. Why would I change? It’s my game.