Ferdinand spoke to BT Sport in an exclusive interview.

So where are we at the moment, we’re towards the end of the season now. We’re getting towards that stage where we’re thinking where are you going to be what are you going to be doing?

Nothing really I think it’s the same as last season, we didn’t thrash things out until the real last week of the season really last year I think it was. But this year’s obviously different with the managerial position not sorted out yet. So my situation comes way shorter down the list than that which is expected. So I’ll obviously I’ll be waiting, playing the games until the end of the season and see what happens. See a new manager comes in or Giggsy gets the job whoever, we’ll have to wait and see.

So you’ll certainly play there’s no thought at this stage that this is going to be it?

I feel fit, I feel healthy, I feel good. I’m enjoying my football so I’ll definitely be playing on for another year, hopefully two or three more. But I’ll take it year by year and hopefully another year.

And is this place pretty much manager dependent because we don’t know at this stage who it’s going to be. It might be van Gaal, it might be Ryan Giggs it might be somebody else. Will you have to wait until that’s all decided?

Yes 100%, the most important thing is the club and the club’s position with who they go with and once that’s sorted out then everything else can take place after. As I said I’m happy here, I love playing my football. Manchester United’s been great for me, it’s enabled my dreams to come true and a lot of the things in football for me. So I have to respect whatever decision the club do and I’ll do what’s best by the club.

What’s it been like here? I get the impression there’s quite a good vibe in there at the moment?

Yes it is, I mean the season hasn’t gone to plan, it hasn’t gone as well as what we want it as a club. You don’t like looking at the league table. When you’re top of the league or fighting for the league you’re always looking at the table, every morning you wake up, it’s in your mind. Right now it’s not something you want to look at, it’s not pretty. So it’s not been good in that sense and we want to see it improving and obviously the changing of management, Giggsy and Scholesy, Butty, Phil and the others are in charge now and it’s been good. It’s been 10 days or so now we’ve had with them, enjoying the training and stuff. Giggsy seems to have taken to it really well.

Is he Giggsy or gaffer?

No it’s Giggsy. We had a meeting first, he called a meeting and at the end of the meeting it went quite silent and I said look, what do we call you then? Gaffer? Giggsy? What? He said just call me Giggsy, I’m alright like that. But he’s parking in the manager’s spot now, so he’s getting comfortable!

And he’s wearing a suit as well, I thought he was nailed on for the tracksuit. I thought it’s got to be a tracksuit.

No, we were doing sweepstakes and everything. I had him in what you’re wearing today.

It would have fitted him better I think?

Yes maybe. But I had him in a navy blazer, little v neck and a shirt, maybe open collar, maybe a tie. That was what I wasn’t sure about. But he trumped me with the club suit.

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