Denis Law vs Leeds

During an FA Cup semi-final which finished 0-0, United and Leeds still managed to find a way to make the game more entertaining.

Denis Law

“I was going for the ball, but my shirt was not going with me. Jack Charlton had grabbed a handful of it and was trying to hold me back, I lashed out at Jack and we began swapping punches. I was unaware that our team mates had joined the fray and there were fists flying all over the place.”

Jack Charlton

“You had to hang on to Denis because he was so sharp and so good in the air. I used to hate playing against him.”

Sir Alex Ferguson

“Playing Leeds is always intense. It started in the 1960s with Denis Law. He was the cause of that trouble in the games between United and Leeds. Punching players. I remember that great photograph of him and Jack Charlton. Fantastic. Denis’s strip is ripped right off him and they’re all piling in. That’s why I used to say to the players that when we play Leeds to make sure we behave properly.”

Denis Law vs Leeds