After claiming the only club he would play for in England was Manchester United, David Beckham entered talks with Tottenham Hotspurs, amongst others, a fortnight later. It now looks as though he will join Spurs on loan this weekend.

Sir Alex Ferguson has been asked what he makes of Beckham’s return to the Premiership, but our manager doesn’t seem very excited about the impact the former United man could make on the league.

“The thing with David, if he comes to England, whoever takes him on, he will have to go back in March,” said Ferguson. “It’s a very short-term loan and we had the same situation with Henrik Larsson in 2007. We utilised those two months well and Henrik played a great part but we always knew that we would miss him at the time when we would have liked to have had him, at the tail-end of the season. Anyone at 35 is looking at the twilight years of his career. I have players like Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville who grew up with David and are at the same level. They know they are coming towards the end of their careers and the horrible part of being a manager is seeing that. These players, who have been with you so long, are eventually going to retire and David knows that better than anyone.”