Dimitar Berbatov has received criticism from opposition fans as much as our own fans this season. For whatever reason, reds have been quick to get on his back, whilst the away end will chant “what a waste of money!” or “who are ya?” whenever he misses an opportunity to score.

The biggest criticism he gets is ‘lazy’. I suppose it’s born out of our expectations from a striker, after seeing the likes of Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez tearing around the pitch. Berbatov is a lot more relaxed in his style, appearing to be more casual, but he’s not a goalhanger like Ruud.

Scoring in almost half of the games he’s played in, he’s currently the second highest assister of goals in the league, providing 7 goals in the Premiership for us so far this season. When you consider last season, only one player in our team had more than 7 assists to their name, throughout the course of the entire season, that puts in to perspective what a job Berbatov is doing for us.

”Whenever a player comes here, people will find a way of criticising him, but his statistics are incredible,” said Ferguson. “He did more running [against Boro] than most of the other players — even Rooney. It’s his languid style that is deceptive. Berbatov’s way of picking a pass is fantastic. I don’t think we’ve had a player with the beautifully-weighted pass that he can produce since Cantona.’’