Following our 4-3 win over Newcastle, which put us seven points clear, a lot of the press focus was on Sir Alex Ferguson’s bollocking of the officials. In the first half, a Newcastle goal was allowed to stand despite Cisse standing in an offside position as a “distraction” to Jonny Evans, who put the ball in his own net.

Referee Mike Dean didn’t mention Fergie’s behaviour in his report which meant he would face no punishment, much to the outrage of several journalists.

In his press conference today, Ferguson has pointed the finger at Alan Pardew and labelled Newcastle a small club.

“He is the worst for haranguing referees. His whole staff, every game. He was at it the whole game on Wednesday,” Ferguson said. “He shoves a referee and makes a joke of it, then he’s got the cheek to criticise me. It’s unbelievable. He forgets about all the help I’ve given him, by the way.”

Arsene Wenger is the latest to claim that Ferguson should have been punished but our manager makes fun of the fuss it caused.

“The press had a field day. The only person they’ve not spoken to is Obama because he’s busy!”

Ferguson then went on to claim that the focus on his spat with the officials is the price of being at the “most famous club in the world” and not a “wee club in the north-east like Newcastle.”

Over three years ago, Rafael Benitez labelled Everton a “small club” which caused Ferguson to respond angrily and call the then Liverpool manager “arrogant”.