Sir Alex Ferguson has been asked today about what threat he feels Manchester City will pose to us next season.

There’s been some bizarre behaviour down the road. City fans mobbed Carlos Tevez, the man who that day claimed he loved United fans. They paid £25m for the hard-worker who scored five league goals last season. Whilst I’m embarrassed we chanted tirelessly to have him signed up, following his appallingly classless behaviour, and it seems as there is no shame where City fans are concerned, all adoring a player who says he will always have United in his heart.

Then the club spend thousands of pounds on an advertising campaign which showed pictures of Tevez running towards United fans, arms out-stretched and delirious expression on his face, with the sole intention of winding up United fans. Eesh, cringe. Had this been a graffiti act of a witty bluenose, then maybe you could see the funny side of it. As it is, to think the actual club sanctioned such a pathetic campaign reeks of their small-time and desperate nature. Bet that sad little bastard Garry Cook was pissing himself.

Then they paid £25m for that lanky bastard Emanuel Adebayor. Again, City fans mobbed this AC Milan wannabe and acted obliviously to the fact the only reason why these players they’re worshipping would sign for their beloved club is the ridiculous pay cheque. But then all these new players will have “United” on the front of their jerseys next season anyway, so clearly embarrassment is no more an issue for City now than it has been over any of the past 33 years!

“Manchester City are getting all the back page stories and they will hold that position for the rest of the season because there is a lot of interest in what they have done and a lot of speculation about whether it is going to work,” said Ferguson. “But I cannot look at Manchester City as our main competitors. Liverpool and Chelsea are our main competitors. There is no doubt about that. It won’t be easy for them to win anything, even with all the players they have bought. They have bought a lot of high profile players but they have 10 strikers. That is a hell of a lot. I have not spoken to all the managers but the one or two I have are saying ‘Who are they going to leave out’? How do you tell players they are not even going to be travelling to London? How does he pick a team? We are all interested.”

Whilst Manchester City are hoping to improve on their 10th place finish last season, United will be hoping to win an unprecedented fourth league title in a row.

“We have won the title for the last three years and in the history of the English game no-one has ever won four,” he continued. “That tells you what a competitive league it is. Lyon won their league seven times in a row. Dynamo Kiev won nine, as have Celtic and Rangers. Dinamo Berlin 11 in the old East Germany. You will never get that in the English game. I am in charge of a football club that has the right philosophy. I have had fantastic moments here. I have 76,000 watching my team in every home game. I shouldn’t really concern myself about another team in the same city, no matter what they do.”