David de Gea put in another good shift against one of the top teams in Manchester United’s 3-3 draw with Chelsea.

The Spanish keeper’s every move is heavily scrutinised by the press but he has been rightly praised for his brilliant save from a Juan Mata freekick which saved a point for United in the dying moments.

Sir Alex Ferguson has also sung the praises of his young goalie.

“We know his potential, we know he’s an outstanding talent and we’ve got to trust that,” said Ferguson. “We bought him on the premise that he could be our goalkeeper for 10 years and he showed that today. He dealt much better with all the aerial balls that came in. It’s experience. He’s not used to the English game, he’s had some bad moments this year in terms of dealing with that type of play. But today, I think he’s got the bit between his teeth and he’s done well.”