Sir Alex Ferguson, speaking to The Football Show on Sirius XM in New York, has today defended Wayne Rooney for his red card for England and praised the striking for generally improving his temperament.

“I texted him but he’s not got back to me yet,” Ferguson said. “Obviously he will be disappointed. I didn’t see it, I haven’t seen it all. It was one of these, how do you put it, reflex actions by the boy. He’s been tackled, and he’s reacted. He’s got the fiery temper which to my mind is not the worst thing in the world. But he’s shown tremendous improvement in terms of his temperament, his reactions to tackle and things like that over the last few years. As maturity comes along, then it brings other things you see, it brings the responsibility, which he is improving all the time.”

I’d argue that “brave” is a better word to describe our striker if he’s ignored the manager for four days!