Sir Alex Ferguson has responded to the referee’s ridiculous decision to send off Wayne Rooney yesterday, after our player through the ball back for a freekick to be retaken.

There is no denying he was angry when he threw the ball, but since when has that been an offence? The ball didn’t land exactly where the freekick was supposed to be retaken, so is being an inaccurate thrower of the ball over 20 yards now grounds to send a player off? It’s fucking ridiculous.

Our manager was also confused by the decision, seeing the flaws in the referee’s treatment of both teams.

“Did he throw the ball at the referee?” questioned Ferguson. “The ball was thrown direct to where the free-kick was being taken – did it hit the referee? No. He threw it because he wanted to get the game going. What can you say about that?”

Ferguson went on to look at other poor decisions made in the game, concluding his criticism of that fat bastard Dowd.

“There wasn’t a bad tackle in the game but John Pantsil was booked in the first half for nothing – it was just a tackle,” he added. “Tackling isn’t always perfect – I thought it was totally unfair. But there’s no point talking about the referee – we didn’t play well enough to win the game in the first half and that’s why we lost it.”

The game was over in the first half, that was clear to see given our inability to fight for a result until the second half, however it’s next week I’m more concerned about. We’ve got to play against one of the best sides in the league without our best defender, our most creative midfielder, and our in form striker. The latter could be avoided if Dowd wasn’t a attention seeking whore.