Like the dippers, plenty of Spurs fans seem to get through the season on the ‘next year’ mentality. It’s all gone to shit this season, but next season they’ll find the form they know is there somewhere. Next season they won’t have injuries. Next season they’ll get Champions League football. Next season hasn’t happened yet.

Tapping up scandals seem to be all the rage this summer, so Spurs didn’t want their street cred to be done harm, so decided to join themselves in on the action.

“We have made Tottenham an offer on Berbatov and we have good expectations that this deal will go through,” Sir Alex Ferguson was quoted as saying in The Sun. “Berbatov has been impressive during a long time and would be a great addition to our attack. I think time will work for us more than against us. We will not stress this situation. We are hoping to have a constructive conversation with Tottenham in the near future.”

Well Daniel Levy has gone apeshit on this, talking of United’s arrogance, claiming our behaviour has been disgraceful, hypocritical (can you imagine?), and going as far to say it’s the worst offence by any Premier League manager to date. Wow.

Today, Fergie got wind of Levy’s rant and has labelled it embarrassing, showing why we shouldn’t believe everything we read in the papers…

“It’s going to be very embarrassing for them (Spurs) because it appears to be on the basis of a story in The Sun,” said Ferguson. “I don’t know where the hell they got those quotes from, but it certainly wasn’t from me. It’s embarrassing for them, but you know what Daniel Levy is like. He’s different. It’s something to ask (United chief executive) David Gill about because I haven’t really spoken to him about it today because I’ve been preparing for the match. I haven’t read it, but I’m sure our legal people will be looking at it before I do.”


I only wish I got to see Levy’s face when he opens up the Sunday Mirror tomorrow morning and reads what Sir Alex Ferguson makes of his drama-queen accusations…