Whilst Liverpool decided to wear t-shirts for Luis Suarez, who has been found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra this week, Manchester United have kept quiet. Today, Sir Alex Ferguson has given his reaction to the ban but is eager to put it all behind us, claiming it was never about United against Liverpool.

“Our support of Patrice was obvious right from the word go and that’s still the same,” said Ferguson. “The matter is over and I think we’re satisfied that they found the right decision. This wasn’t about Manchester United and Liverpool at all. It was nothing to do with that. This was an individual situation where one person was racially abused.”

Ferguson has compared the ban with the one Evra received after he was abused by Chelsea groundsman, Sam Bethell. Evra reacted and the FA banned him for four games, with the FA later admitting they regretted the way they handled the case.

“Patrice got that suspension for the incident down at Chelsea when no one was there, just a groundsman and our fitness coach,” he continued. “He got a four-match ban and we had to wait two weeks for the evidence to come through. We were quite astounded at that. A four-match ban? We thought it was well over the top for a trivial incident. But it happened and there’s nothing you can do about it.”