I think Wayne Rooney is the dog’s bollocks. If we had eleven of him, I’d be made up. He swears too much at the ref, which is something I can do without, but other than that, I struggle to find fault with him.

He’s brilliantly skilful, passionate, determined, a grafter, fast, cheeky and he has it in him to stay at the club forever.

Sir Alex Ferguson has given possibly my favourite description of our boy wonder.

“We couldn’t not buy Rooney,” said Ferguson. “We knew about him when he was 14 but he wouldn’t come then, and he wouldn’t come when we tried again at 16. When he became professional and started thinking about winning things we knew there would be a change in his attitude, if not necessarily in Everton’s. So we bought him for £26 million or whatever it was. You knew what you getting with Rooney. He gets all your emotions going, drags you in with the physical, emotional way he plays. When he starts to compete and show that great desire and intensity, you say to yourself, ‘Fucking hell, what is he made of the boy’? You’re starting to think, ‘I’ll maybe rest Rooney this week’. Then he comes up to you in training and says, ‘I hope I’m playing on Saturday. If I don’t play against Middlesbrough I won’t play well against Arsenal. I’m hopeless if I’m rested’. He’s something else.”

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