There was a bit of afters between Robin van Persie and Darren Fletcher during International week, as Scotland took on Holland in World Cup qualifying.

Van Persie was probably still feeling the hurt of Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat to United, particularly given that he scored a goal deep in to injury time which was rightly ruled out for offside.

Sir Alex Ferguson has been asked about Arsene Wenger’s comments about Darren Fletcher, with him claiming that our Scotsman made 20 fouls without getting booked (it was actually 6), to which of course our manager has responded in defence of his player.

“Darren Fletcher is one of the most honest and fairest players in the game,” said Ferguson. “Because he wins the ball and he does it fairly, that’s what has probably annoyed them. But that’s his job – that’s what he’s good at. He’s marvellous at pressing the ball, his energy is incredible. The other thing about Darren Fletcher he always seems to be man of the match against Arsenal. They seem to be the club that Darren seems to star against all the time.”

Arsenal would know all about dishonest midfielders though, given that there are no players who have received more red cards in the Premiership than their very own Patrick Vieira!