It was only once the disastrous transfer market episode played out this summer that it struck me how crazy it was to not only lose our manager but also our chief exec at the same time.

Ed Woodward’s alarming lack of experience and total naivety made for an embarrassing and disappointing summer for United fans.

Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that David Gill is still around to help Woodward, just as he regularly keeps in touch with new manager David Moyes.

“I’m a spectator with responsibility,” he said. “I’m a director and I want to make a contribution as a director that will play a part. We’ve got a young chief executive now who will need help, I think. And David Gill is still there to help him. We’ve got a young manager and I’m there to help him. We’ve had a lot of dialogue, David [Moyes] and I, over the last few weeks, and he’s been very, very good. He’s been very open about what his plans have been. Any help he’s needed or wanted, he’s got it there.”