Whilst many reds had been following the career of striker Danny Welbeck, the whole country was forced to acknowledge our young talent after his debut goal against Stoke this season. He hit the ball perfectly from distance, the ball rocketing in to the top corner of the goal.

More recently, he scored another good goal, this time against Derby, yet his celebration was notably absent. He just walked over to the crowd, before his team mates caught up with him.

One of the reports in the papers this morning suggests that Sir Alex Ferguson was less than happy with Welbeck’s nonchalance following his goal, with ‘a source close to the club’ voicing Fergie’s displeasure.

“Alex was very angry about the way Welbeck celebrated his goal at Derby. He felt there was a touch of arrogance about it. Danny is just a kid and Alex does not like the thought of him getting too big for his boots. That is a lesson plenty of players have learned over the years at Old Trafford.”

The report suggests Welbeck was relegated to the Reserves as a punishment, where he managed to impress, scoring twice to help United turn a losing 4-1 scoreline to a winning 5-4 result.

Do you think Ferguson really had a problem with Welbeck’s cocky celebration?