Ahead of Sunday’s match against Liverpool, journalists were searching for a Sir Alex Ferguson rant against the FA, asking him what he thought of Steven Gerrard getting away with two red card offences in a week.

First Gerrard stuck his fingers up at Andre Marriner and told him to “fuck off” but no action was taken. Then he clattered Michael Brown around the back of his head and again the FA failed to act.

Our manager has opted for a more sensible response to this question, claiming that he never believed the “crazy” disciplinary panel would act.

“I didn’t expect anything to happen to Steven Gerrard,” he said. “It is a dysfunctional unit. I don’t know what they are doing. There is no consistency for a start and I didn’t expect to get any. I am not too bothered about it. They can do what they want down there. It is crazy at times.”