Arsene Wenger gave a glowing report of Manchester United legend Paul Scholes last week, talking of his great contribution to United’s success and English football in general.

However, Wenger being Wenger, couldn’t keep it as a totally classy affair, with him launching in to an attack on Scholes’ apparent “dark side”. He rejected the claim that Scholes is clumsy or simply a bad tackler of the ball, instead insisting he was an unfair player, with a dark side, whose approach to the game was unacceptable.

Sir Alex Ferguson is confused as to why Wenger felt the need to do that.

“I don’t know why Wenger said that,” said Ferguson. “If you talk about someone with the ability and performance levels of Paul Scholes, you know he is not the best tackler. He has not injured anyone in his time here, but it is very easy to look into the dark side of any player. I could say the same about one of the Arsenal players in particular, but I don’t need to do that.”

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