Cristiano Ronaldo, the Prodigal Son, welcomed back to Old Trafford lovingly at both the Villarreal and Middlesbrough matches. His song was sung (although it must be noted, not as frequently as it was last season) and fans rose to their feet when he was subbed on or off the pitch.

Before recovering from his injury, Ronaldo claimed he would be loved again, and he was right. Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed Ronnie could even eventually become as loved as Eric Cantona.

Today though, our manager has stated he always knew Ronaldo would be welcomed back, following five loyal years with the club.

“The fans know he’s been here for five years, he’s shown his loyalty to the club – he’s hardly missed a game in all that time – and he’s scored all these goals,” Fergie said. “He’s entertained us to incredible levels and the fans don’t forget these kind of things. They supported him after the World Cup thing with Wayne Rooney and I knew they would support him again this time.”

Has Ronaldo been loyal to United?