Sir Alex Ferguson has acknowledged that some may think he is tempting fate by talking about winning back to back Champions League titles, an achievement no other team has managed before, but that at United there is no choice but to keep setting new targets.

“When we won it in Moscow the point was made in the press conference about no side having ever retained the cup in the Champions League format,” said Ferguson. “I didn’t know that was the case at the time, but you say to yourself it would be great if we could be the first do that. We are good at winning things for the first time and maybe that is a good omen for us. Talk is cheap, but faint heart never won fair lady and it’s something I would dearly love to do. Some might say I am tempting fate, but at Old Trafford we have always set our sights high. No one is saying it will be easy, and we will certainly need to enjoy that little rub of luck and freedom from injury that can make you or break you.”

Do you think we can do it?