Former Manchester United player, Danny Webber, reckons he has no regrets about leaving the club for Watford in 2003 after spending 11 years with us.

Now aged 27, Webber now plays for Portsmouth and reckons he doesn’t look back to his time at United.

“I don’t look back. Leaving United was my choice,” he said. “I know a lot of people expected me to stay around the place but I made my choice. At the time I was aged 21 and had been offered a three-year contract. But I didn’t want to get to the age of 24 and have eight or nine games on the CV rather than having 100 games under my belt, so it was a career decision. That’s six years ago now and far in the past – but I’ve got a good relationship with everybody back at United and trained with them for two weeks during the summer. I spent 11 years there so you know the place inside out. If you are as good to people as people are good to you then they will help you out. Fergie is everyone’s boss in football, everybody goes to him for advice – managers, ex-players, everything. His track record speaks for itself.”

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