Sir Alex Ferguson took the decision to drop Dimitar Berbatov for Wayne Rooney when Manchester United played Arsenal. Rooney has scored just two goals in all competitions since March, both from the penalty spot, whilst Dimitar Berbatov is the Premier League’s top scorer.

Ferguson has conceded that sometimes he does have doubts about his bold decisions but has to go with his feelings over what will get the team a win.

“Of course you have doubts,” Ferguson said. “Even now when you lose games you still have that feeling of ‘How are we going to recover from this one?’ and you do the same things all the time. Management is about making decisions. Sometimes they’re positive and good, and sometimes you maybe make the wrong decision and feel you maybe should have attacked it in a different way or maybe done something different. You have it with picking teams. We made a decision the other night, against Arsenal, to leave Dimitar Berbatov out of the team. It wasn’t an easy one. It was very difficult to explain to Dimitar. The only way I could explain the decision was that I felt it was going to win us the match. And although I was proved right and we won the game, you’re never sure. So doubting does come into it.”