After spending the first four months of his Manchester City career struggling to find the back of the net and being slagged off by the fans (“a poor man’s Dickov”), Carlos Tevez has found the back of the net plenty of times recently.

After being questioned about the Argie forward, Sir Alex Ferguson has nonchalantly dismissed any feelings of regret, claiming that we have moved on. With Wayne Rooney the highest scorer in the league and Dimitar Berbatov the 11th, the manager is happy.

“I read somewhere that they were going to bid for Messi,” said Ferguson. “They could offer a billion for Messi and it wouldn’t affect them too much. Whether that would give them any joy or not, I don’t know, but given the amount of money they’ve got, anything’s possible. We made a pitch (to Tévez), he didn’t take it, he went to Man City. It’s no problem for us, we move on. It’s not the end of the world for us. He’s done well, so be it. I’ve got issues at all about it and I’ve got no regrets about it.”