Sir Alex Ferguson has claimed that Phil Jones will be Manchester United’s captain one day.

“He’s definitely a future captain,” said Ferguson. “There’s no doubt about that. I said that from the minute he came to us that I thought there was something about the boy. He was doing great until he started getting all these injuries and a bit of illness with ‘flu. That kind of thing has derailed his time with us as he and Chris Smalling have had a nightmare, the two of them. If they can stay fit for the rest of the season, it’ll be a big bonus for us because they are exceptionally good young players.”

Last season, Jones was in the Blackburn team that lost 7-1 to Old Trafford, and even at 6-0, was screaming and shouting and his fellow defenders. Ferguson claimed it was this attitude that helped confirm that this was a player we needed to sign on day.

Ahead of facing Blackburn tomorrow, Jones has revealed that it was our 19th title winning celebrations at Ewood Park last season which confirmed to him that we were the club he needed to join.

“That is exactly why I left,” he said. “I had some fond memories from my time at Blackburn and there are some wonderful people at the club. But I wanted to win trophies and become part of a team with a massive background, which United have. To lift that trophy at the end of the season would be a wonderful achievement for me.”

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