I was one of the lucky 2,000 reds who got to sit in the away end at the Council House last May. We were on the brink of winning the league, and the excitement of picking up the vital three points at City’s place was high. We walked in to the ground, to be met with Munich chants, and took our place behind the goal. Then, before kick off, the most extraordinary thing happened. The City fans were instructed to twirl around their blue and white scarves which had been given out free. I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it. For those of you who didn’t get to see it, watch the video below posted on YouTube by a City fan. “City fans wave their scarves in a breathtaking atmosphere,” it is described as.

The ridiculous music died down, they stopped twirling their scarves, and we sat in silence, taking in what we had just seen. The City fans were smiling proudly, and for a few seconds we stared at each other. Then, out of nowhere, the away end erupted with “What the fuckin, what the fuckin, what the fuckin ell was THAT?” Magic.

It was their last game of the season at the council house, and, as always, they got their highest attendance of the 06/07 season. Unfortunately though, despite a penalty after they dived in the box, there was no goal for the blues at home in 2007.

When we travel across town for derby day on Sunday, we will be playing a very different City team. We will be playing a City team who will be above us in the league whether they win, lose or draw. We will be playing a City team which even the most devout blues still can’t name. And we will be playing this team without our two best players, our captain, or any match fit strikers. Chances are, it won’t be our finest moment.

However, silly things like that won’t stop Ferguson having a laugh at City, which he did so easily in today’s press conference. “Last year was amazing,” he laughed. “They spent a fortune on those blue-and-white scarves for all the fans and they never had a shot at goal, or tried to beat us. We were trying to win the league, and they were quite happy.” It is statements like that which reaffirm our love for you Sir Alex.

Regardless of the result or the events of the upcoming derby game, even if we get stuffed, or worse, play well and get robbed, remember, things could always be worse. You could have been a City fan for the past thirty one years.

We’ll Never Die.