Ahead of his final game in charge on Sunday, Sir Alex Ferguson has reflected on the past week, claiming our parade on Monday night was even better than the one in 1999.

“It’s amazing, you are overwhelmed,” he said. “Sunday was amazing, quite unbelievable. The parade on Monday, I thought ’99 could not be beaten when we turned into Deansgate that time. This time it was incredible and I thought it was better than ’99 I really do. It was the first time in my time we’ve been allowed into Albert Square. When I came for some reason they’d banned the supporters being in Albert Square. I don’t know where that came from, a previous Cup Final I think. That was fantastic. They had a band playing there, it was really great.”

Over the past 26 years, Fergie has created plenty of memories, but remains humble about his success with the club, claiming it’s an honour to have been our manager.

“The memories are there,” he added. “26 years at Manchester United is fantastic. The day I came here was a privilege, and the day I’ve left I’ve been honoured. You run the gamut of emotions, it’s such a great football club. I’m lucky to have been here that long.”

Thought when asked to single out his proudest moment from those 26, he couldn’t.

“No, being here is the thing to be proud of.”