Following Luis Suarez’s eight match ban for being found guilty of racially abusing Patrice Evra, Liverpool FC refused to accept that their striker or club had done anything wrong.

Despite refusing to apologise to Evra, reports in the press claimed that Liverpool wanted to engage in “peace talks” with United. It was a strange claim, given that just a few days ago their official statement on the matter essentially accused our club of fabricating the whole case to get Suarez banned.

“This case has provided a template in which a club’s rival can bring about a significant ban for a top player without anything beyond an accusation.”

Unsurprisingly, Sir Alex Ferguson was dismissive of this today.

“It is nice of them to do it through the press,” said Ferguson. “You would have thought they would come to Manchester United first. I do not see why there is any need for it. But I have nothing to say about it.”