Reports in Spain this week claimed that a deal between Manchester United and Real Madrid had already been agreed for the summer, regarding Cristiano Ronaldo.

The idea that United would agree to sell their best player to Real Madrid almost a year before the end of the season is pretty ludicrous, particularly given Sir Alex Ferguson’s opinion of Real Madrid.

Following our 5-3 victory today to put us in the World Club Cup final on Sunday, Ferguson has spoken to the media about the supposed agreement.

“Do you think I would get into a contract with that mob?” said Ferguson. “Jesus Christ, no chance. I wouldn’t sell them a virus. That’s a no. There is absolutely no agreement at all between the clubs.”

Questions will certainly be raised over whether United would actually sell Ronaldo to Real Madrid, given their poor conduct over the past two years. Whilst it previously appeared to be a done deal, in that United would be happy enough to accept the millions of pounds thrown at them, and Ronaldo wanted to play in Spain, doubts are certainly beginning circulate.

We have to remember that Real Madrid are currently 6th in their league, some 12 points off leaders Barcelona, after losing 4 of their last 6. Maybe Ronaldo’s ‘dream’ will be less determined if Real aren’t even in the Champions League.

Essentially though, Ferguson has made his opinion of Real Madrid clear on numerous occasion, with our manager obviously despising them. Ronaldo’s contract doesn’t expire until 2012, meaning all the cards are in our hands. If Ronaldo kicks up a fuss about signing for Real Madrid, what’s to say United won’t offer Ronaldo up to the highest bidder in Europe? Causing a stink about a move could make his position at United unattainable (for once!) meaning he would have to accept an offer from Barcelona or AC Milan or somewhere.

I’m resigned to the fact Ronaldo is going to leave us, sooner rather than later, but I’d be much happier if his destination was anywhere other than Real Madrid, which I imagine is a feeling shared by the manager!