After United drew with Chelsea in the Cup last weekend, Rafa Benitez that claimed that Sir Alex Ferguson snubbed his offer for a handshake before the game. The press asked Benitez why the United manager would do such a thing, to which he replied: “Ask him – if you are brave enough ask him. It was his decision. I was ready and waiting. I have some education because I know a lot of people are watching so I know what I have to do.”

Today was Sir Alex Ferguson’s first press conference since the weekend and the “brave” journalists asked him if he had done what Benitez claimed.

“Absolute nonsense,” Ferguson said. “Why wouldn’t I shake his hand? Think about it. I never saw him. I was signing autographs at the front, chatting with that young kid who always wants to shake my hand before the game because he says it brings us luck! I moved across and I never saw him. I don’t know why he said that. If he wanted to shake my hand, he could have stood in front of me. I’ve absolutely no idea why he said that. It’s nonsense.”

Ferguson doesn’t even have to try to make Benitez look like a dick these days.