Sir Alex Ferguson has looked back at games which have cost us points this season, although doesn’t want to torture himself with it.

Amongst others, there was Michael Carrick’s penalty miss against Burnley at the start of the season and the match-winning goal which should have been ruled out on three counts against Chelsea, which stand out as the biggest title defining moments. More recently, there was Antonio Valencia’s miss against Blackburn when Dimitar Berbatov played him through one on one with the keeper.

“I used to look at every game but you can torture yourself with that,” said Ferguson. “We lost at Burnley at the start of the season. That was three points and we also missed a penalty. If we had scored that we might have won or at least got a draw that might have made a difference. We had a couple of refereeing decisions against Chelsea. You could look at all things. You can twist and torture yourself but it happens.”

However, finding scapegoats is something that England fans are keen on, particularly when it comes to United players, so it would be nice if we could rise above that. Pointing the finger at our own players is something that seems to be rife during the less than successful seasons but whatever happens on Sunday, we should be pleased with our team for running it down to the last day and look forward to next season.