Oh great, it’s international week. Wake me up when it’s over. Sir Alex Ferguson reckons he likes to see our players representing their country though and reckons England will be going out for the win so that they can secure their qualification in to the World Cup, after missing out on last summer’s European Championships.

“It’s important that the players represent their countries and we want them to do well,” said Ferguson. “When they are competitive matches we don’t have any complaints because every player at our club is conscious of the fact that they have important games coming up.”

Ferguson is clued up on who is playing where and how many points they need, but believes England have nothing to worry about.

“England are in a safe situation but still need those three points just to get over the line,” he added. “Therefore, they will want to win. Most of the other sides need to win their games. Patrice Evra is with France, and Nani is with Portugal and they both need to win their games.”

Carrington will be pretty much empty, given the number of internationals we have in the squad, but Ferguson joked that Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Gary Neville “will hold the fort while everyone else is away.”