In a day dedicated to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, with his testimonial against Espanyol being played tomorrow afternoon, we have looked at several of Solskjaer’s great moments with the club. As a player strongly associated with that magical night in 1999, it’s important to remember other imporant moments in his United career, such as the red card he received against Newcastle, his late goal against Liverpool in the FA Cup, as well as his successful return from injury.

Sir Alex Ferguson has today joined all those speaking in admiration for Solskjaer, reflecting on his magnificent achievements with the club.

“Ole is an inspiration to anyone hoping for a long career in football,” said Ferguson. “He has dedicated himself to his profession. In the modern-day game, anyone who manages 10 years or more at one club is exceptional, particularly when that one club is not from the player’s own country. When the fans show their respect for Ole on Saturday, it will not just be for his goal in Barcelona. It will be for his overall contribution over a very long period of time.”

Ferguson recalls what the start of Solskjaer’s career with the club was like.

“Ole came to us at 23 but I looked at him and thought he was 15,” he said. “I told him he had potential but his first season was going to be an introduction and mostly he would be playing for the reserves. But after two games, (reserve coach) Jim Ryan said I needed to put him in the first team. We made him a substitute against Blackburn the following week. He scored and was never out of the first-team squad after that.”