Sir Alex Ferguson has once again been asked about Manchester City’s decision to put ‘Welcome to Manchester’ posters up in town after Carlos Tevez made the move to the city’s lesser club.

People at the time compared it with the banner we have at Old Trafford, reading 34 years, counting how long it’s been since City have won a trophy. The big difference is that banner was created by fans, banter and wind up between rival supporters. The fact that it was actually the club who organised and paid £1000s just to attempt to wind up United was, as Ferguson said, “small time”.

Carlos Tevez later came out and revealed his embarrassment about City’s decision to create the poster.

“I never understood the intention of that poster,” he said. “What was the point? Tell me. Was it to welcome me to Manchester City, or was it to anger Manchester United? Nobody ever told me. I’m indifferent towards it, but it is important you know I had nothing to do with the poster. I’d have preferred for it not to have been there. I have respect for all the clubs I used to play for. That was not showing respect, was it?”

In response to questions about the poster yesterday, Sir Alex reiterated his point, rightly claiming that there will be City fans who are embarrassed about the club’s small time behaviour.

“I said at the time I thought it was stupid and they probably think that now,” Ferguson said. “It was probably worthwhile for some of their supporters, but not all of them. Others will have been embarrassed and, if you asked City’s supporters, they would prefer to see a trophy paraded through the city before they start screaming from the rooftops. I don’t know what created that poster. It was probably some advertising gimmick, but I don’t think they can be proud of it. I don’t see how they thought that would get more points off us as opposed to playing against us on a football pitch. There was one City fan who put a tattoo around his body saying ‘European Cup Winners!’ I mean, people get carried away.”