Whilst Liverpool fans are fairly giddy at the moment, following their 4-1 victory at Old Trafford, they seem to be forgetting the bigger picture. The title was there for the taking this season and that should have been confirmed by our travels to the other side of the World and extra games we played there. Cramming our matches in and remaining in all competitions has meant we’ve played far more regularly than any of our title rivals.

Yet amazingly, despite the advantage given, Rafael Benitez’s men managed to chuck it away. Certainly, they got an impressive result at the weekend, but that doesn’t change the fact they are still four points behind having played a game more. This is a situation they probably would have happily taken last season but this year, after leading the table for so long, it can only be a huge disappointment to have blown it so badly.

What was the turning point? Benitez getting out a piece of paper to read a long list of nonsense in his pre-match conference. Had the manager spent more time focussing on the game the following day rather than obsessing over Sir Alex Ferguson and Manchester United, maybe they wouldn’t have dropped points away to Stoke, whilst we thrashed Chelsea 3-0 during the same weekend.

Sir Alex has been asked about Benitez’s “episode” today and like anyone outside of Merseyside who watched the press conference, agreed that it was fairly odd.

“Weird,” responded Ferguson what asked what he thought. “I really don’t know what he was talking about. I’d be amazed if his staff or his players thought it was a good idea.”