Rio Ferdinand’s contract is set to expire this summer and no agreement has been reached over an extension. As is always the case with our players over 30, he would only be given a one year deal, which obviously would be less appealing to Rio. With the injuries he’s suffered over recent seasons, you could hardly blame him for wanting greater security than a one year deal and with him nearing the end of his career, it wouldn’t be out of the question for him to agree on a big money deal for an American club.

Sir Alex Ferguson has said that Rio wants to stay at the club and that if we continue managing his playing time properly he still has a few years left in him.

“I don’t think Rio wants to leave and, as I have said before, he can play on,” said Ferguson. “I don’t think he has the same issue with his back that he had a couple of years ago. It is manageable now. There is no way you would be expecting him to play every four days right through a season anyway. Getting rest at the right time definitely helps him and he does a lot of work on his pre-match preparation now, with yoga and a lot of other things to help him sustain his playing time.”